Chambre Syndicale des Généalogistes et Héraldistes de France

The Family Genealogist


The family genealogist is a historian who specialises in genealogy, and whose expertise is the result of daily practice in record research. His command in the reading of public records is often coupled with a sound knowledge of the region in which he is working and its local families. His experience in ancient manuscripts enables him to read, copy and extract information from ancient documents.

The professional family genealogist makes use of a large range of research material :

  • direct line ancestry,full ancestry,
  • line of descent, family documents, bibliographical research,
  • origins of ownership, history of a house or a business, identification and creation of coat of arms,transcription of ancient texts,
  • drawing up family trees and, more generally, any research into history or public records.

The Genealogist estate


The profession of inheritance genealogist originated almost two centuries ago.

Since then, the number of professionals has continued to increase and the range of their missions to widen.

All carry out a real work of investigation, making use of all the human and material means at their disposal in order to achieve the desired result.

As privileged partners of solicitors, they intercede to:

  • establish the legal transmission of inheritance to those for whom some or all of their heirs are unknown,
  • validate or invalidate the inheritance rights of relatives who claim to be heirs, locate heirs or legatees that are known but whose places of residence are unknown,
  • identify the beneficiaries of an abandoned proprety, the joint owners of an estate...
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